Charlotte Hawkins Talks About The Sad Truth Behind Brendan Cole's Axing, From 'Strictly Come Dancing'

February 2, 2018

Brendan Cole shot into prominence after winning the maiden edition of Strictly Come Dancing in 22004. Since then, he has been a regular feature in all 15 series that have been broadcast.

Born in New Zealand, Cole specializes in Latin American dancing. In 1996 he made his first appearance as a contestant on Come Dancing. His partner was Danish born  Camilla Dallerup. The duo would stage a reprise in 2007 at the first ever Eurovision Dance Contest.

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Brendan also produces his own show, Brendan Cole - All Night Long. It had a pretty successful run in theaters for three months starting February of 2017.

Before joining Strictly Come Dancing, Brendan was already a world recognized dance, even ranking among the top 12 Latin American dancers in the world. His ambition was to become the World Champion. But the story changed in 2004.

15 series later, Brendan got the ax. The BBC called Brendan with the news. According to the representative of the BBC, an “editorial decision” had been made. He said:

They look at the show every year, I’ve never been contracted more than one year.

While fans of the show are still reeling from the shock, it does not come as a big surprise to Brendan. According to him, he had an inkling that he might be let go of sometime soon. Brendan is known to have some strong views on the show and is never shy about speaking his mind.

Although he confesses he will miss being a part of the show, Brendan is accepting the decision and leaving without a fuss.

I would have preferred to have made the decision myself, but maybe I would never have made it because I love being on the show.

Charlotte Hawkins blames herself a bit.

The Good Morning Britain presenter is as unhappy as everyone else at the departure of Brendan from the show. But she also has another reason. Charlotte was the last partner Brendan had. Her reviews by the Judges were far from pleasant.

Charlotte feels that her dismal performance may have contributed to the BBC’s decision to let go of Brendan.

While on the show, Piers Morgan prodded Charlotte to speak a bit more on the Brendan exit. She had this to add:

It's a BBC decision. I think it's really sad. He's been there from the start and done 15 series. He did have my back when the judges were being harsh during criticisms.

Brendan made the announcement of his exit from Strictly Come Dancing on ITV’s Lorraine. The Daily Mirror in their 31st January publication stated that Charlotte was the reason Brendan got the boot.

In her defense, Charlotte says that competition was stiff, and this should explain why she didn’t look so good on the show.

Fans and other celebrities react.

The dust is still rising as fans of the show and other celebrities have taken to social media, expressing their displeasure at the recent development.

Brendan may no longer be on the show but he says his love for it will not be fading anytime soon.

I’m a fan of the show…and I will still watch the show, I still want to support my friends that are in it.

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