Brooke Shields Shares Some Tips On How To Stay Young And Healthy At Any Age

January 25, 2018

Brooke Shields is undeniably one of the most famous and beautiful women in Hollywood. At 52, she has achieved an impressive success in many areas: from modeling, acting, to writing books. And, most importantly, she is a loving and caring wife and mother of two.

As an actress, Shields is famous mostly for her controversial performance in Blue Lagoon (1980).

However, she also starred in other films, popular TV series, and even Broadway plays.

So, how does she manage to stay so young and beautiful throughout the years? We decided to find out what is Brook Shield's main secret, and here is what we have found.

1. She drinks a lot of water

One of the main health tips given by Brooke Shields is to get enough sleep and drink more water, reports Healthy Living.

I don't think there's a trick to being healthy; I think we all know what our limitations are.

2. She exercises regularly

In an interview with Health, Brooke Shields said that she not only works with a personal trainer but also goes to Pilates and SoulCycle classes.

And, in addition to that, the 52-year-old beauty likes “hanging upside down in inversion boots.”

3. She eats lot of greens

In an interview with W Magazine, Brooke Shields shared a short and simple tip on the “beauty from the inside out:”

Water, water, water, sleep, greens. And, love.

4. She does not cut off all the pleasures

While maintaining a healthy diet is important, Brook Shields never denies herself some little indulgences, reports Popsugar.

I try not to deny myself, because if I do, it turns into this major internal battle.

You can also watch the video below to see more of Brooke Shields' tips and recommendations.

Meanwhile, it looks like this philosophy works great for the actress.

However, Broke Shields is not the only celebrity who tries to stick to the healthy lifestyle.

Another Hollywood beauty, Halle Berry, also claims “conscious eating” and regular workouts to be the main secrets behind her youthful look.

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