20 Celebrities Who Became Moms After 40

February 9, 2018 17:26

A few decades ago, it was utterly unusual and strange for a woman over 40 to give birth to a baby. Of course, such cases happened, but they were extremely rare, and no one approved of such an idea. First, it was dangerous for the mothers, then no one could have imagined the role of a mother at such a late age with a baby on her hands.

Nowadays, more and more women give birth to their babies later in their lives. Everyone wants to have a career first to be able to provide for a family. Then, people choose to have a mature relationship. As a result, the birthing rates of women over 40 are constantly increasing.

Here are the celebrity moms who had their kids after turning 40.

1. Susan Sarandon didn’t hesitate to give birth to two sons at 42 and 45.

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2. Halle Berry was 47 when she had her second child Maceo.

3. The birth of Apollo was a miracle for Gwen Stefani when she was 44.

4. Rachel Zoe, a fashion designer, for instance, had her 2nd child when she was 42.

5. Having a child at 40 appeared to be better for Salma Hayek as well.

6. 41 was the age when Kim Basinger had her daughter Ireland.

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7. Brooke Shields gave birth to her second baby at the age of 41.

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8. After lots of attempts, Celine Dion finally gave birth to twins at 42.

9. Maryl Streep was 41 when she gave birth to her 4th child.

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10. Nicole Kidman became a mother twice in her 40s!

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11. Mariah Carey had twin boys at 42.

12. Marcia Gay Harden welcomed twins at 44 with husband Thaddaeus Scheel.

13. Tina Fey was afraid to have a baby after 40, and 41 became her lucky year.

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14. Molly Ringwald had twins at 41.

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15. Marcia Cross had twin girls in 2006 just before her 45th birthday.

16. 44 was a perfect age for Mira Sorvino to give birth to her daughter.

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17. Cheryl Tiegs, a supermodel, is a super mom! She had twins when she was 52.

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18. The third child of Uma Thurman, Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson, was born when she was 42.

19. The second child of Julianne Moore was born when she was 41.

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20. Naomi Watts was 40 when her son Samuel arrived.

Having a child later in your life is great, and lots of women have proved that. First, such women tend to live longer. And what is more important, they raise happier children.

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