Donald Trump's Amazing Luxury Properties

January 25, 2018

Before becoming President of the United States, Donald Trump was one of the biggest names in the real estate business. Aside from the property he owned, he lent his name to other massive projects for record-breaking amounts of money. Forbes estimates his current net worth to be around $3.1 billion dollars.

More than 50% of all his money is in NYC Real Estate. The remaining is split between investments in golf resorts, brand businesses, the real estate outside NYC, and personal assets including cash.

These are some of the most popular properties he owns or has controlling interests in.

Trump Tower Apartment, New York

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Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster New Jersey

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Trump Force One, 757


Le Chateau Des Palmiers, St. Martin

Trump International Hotel, Washington DC

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Trump Turnberry Hotel and Golf Course, Scotland

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Mar-A-Lago Estates, Palm Beach, Florida

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Seven Spring Estates, Bedford, New York

Trump Winery, Charlottesville, Virginia

Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, Doonbeg, Ireland

On becoming President, Donald Trump handed over control of his real estate business to sons Donald Jr. and Eric.

Living in the White House isn’t so bad.

It’s a long way from his Trump Tower, but President Trump is feeling right at home in Washington DC. TIME Magazine was granted a rare peek into the White House after-hours and shared these images. One of the first things he did on taking over was making subtle changes, starting with the Oval Office.

First, he changed the curtains from the red shade President Obama preferred, to new gold curtains. Second, he changed the rug in the Oval Office and also switched up the color on the walls to a shade of gold. There’s a new television in the dining room, just over the fireplace. It’s 60” and the President is known to spend time surfing new channels.

As for the private residence of the President, that’s a no-go area. But sources say it is a lot more luxurious that perceived from the outside.

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