3 Celebrities Who Carried On With Their Performances Despite Their Injuries

January 15, 2018

Celebrities are not spared from the mishaps of everyday life as quite a number have been injured while going about their normal activities. These injuries sometimes end up having a ripple effect with trips to the ER or canceled shows.

But some celebrities have managed to ensure that ‘the show must go on’ despite their injuries.

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Ed Sheeran’s injury and his divide tour.

The British award-winning singer got into an accident last October while on his bicycle in London. The thinking out loud star was hit by a car while on his bicycle and this led to a wrist fracture on his right hand. He also sustained an elbow fracture in his left arm.

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Following the accident, the singer canceled most of the shows in the Asian leg of his divide tour which started in may 2017 and is scheduled to wrap up in November 2018.

Stars who got injured and still performed.

Over the years, quite a number of stars have been injured on stage and off stage. While some only led to fits of laughter because of their hilarious nature, others resulted in a trip to the ER.

But one thing these stars have in common is that they give their all to make sure their fans are not disappointed. We take a look at three celebrities who performed despite their injury.

1. Enrique Iglesias’ injured hand at a concert.

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The singer who got injured at a concert in Mexico in 2015 still continued performing after receiving first aid treatment backstage. However, the hand continued bleeding during the performance and Iglesias hid his bleeding arm behind him till he finished performing.

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2. Mariah Carey's arm in a cast.

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Mariah stepped out on the red carpet despite a shoulder injury in 2013, incorporating her cast into her style. The singer wore a specially made feather sling to go with her dazzling white gown.

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3. Dave Groh fell off the stage at a concert in Sweden.

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At the foo fighters concert in Sweden in 2015, Dave was shown singing into the microphone while on his back after falling off the stage!

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The stars surely don't let injuries keep them from performing their craft and this shows just how much heart they put into their art.

Sheeran reschedules canceled tours.

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just to prove how much he loves his fans and to assure them that a fractured arm can't keep him down, Ed has rescheduled his canceled tours. Three out of the seven canceled tours have been rescheduled for April this year.