World Gets Ready For 'Operation London Bridge'. What Is It And When Will It Happen?

March 29, 2018

Wonder what may happen after the Queen’s death? The answer is Operation London Bridge. Wonder what it may mean? The entire plan of actions is already developed to stick to the protocol after Elizabeth II will pass away.


Queen is ahead

The royal family is full of different common traditions. However, there are some of them that are actually quite weird as well as unusual, and most of them are connected with Queen Elizabeth. Before the royal member gets married, it is essential to ask for the permission of Her Majesty.


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Before the actual ceremony, the pair must ask Elizabeth for her blessing. Moreover, as the couple receives the presents, the Queen chooses who keeps the certain gift. She is the ruler of the house, and you can hardly imagine what will be after her.

Operation London Bridge

And the answer is Operation London Bridge. Regardless of how weird it may sound, the truth is when the leader of the UK passes away, the secret words are shared among the closest people to prepare to the next step before the public finds out about the death.


When Queen Elizabeth's father King George VI left this world, his alert signal was 'Hyde Park Corner'. With its help, the family had enough time to prepare for the funeral and the change of the crown. This time, the situation is similar – if the Queen dies, her surrounding will pass the code – 'London Bridge Is Down'.


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The first to be notified is the Prime Minister, as well as The Foreign Office's Global Response Centre that will announce the news to other 15 countries that are subjected to Queen’s ruling. Before the moment when the press is officially informed, the peculiar tradition will be preserved – the notice will be posted on the gates of Buckingham Palace.


Entire Britain will then have ten days of sorrow, and on 12th, the funeral in Westminster Abbey will take place. The country and the entire Commonwealth will then have a new king – Charles.


Future king

The future King will have a choice concerning a few royal traditions after Elizabeth’s death. The name of the country’s leader can be changed, but Charles seems to leave himself his true one.


Princess Camilla will perhaps not be a Queen due to the respect to Diana. She will otherwise be called Princess Consort. In case Charles doesn’t make it to Queen’s death, the next candidate is Prince William, who is patiently waiting for his turn.


The Operation London Bridge is a really efficient way to inform the people about the possible unfortunate event. However, we want the Queen to live long enough at least to see a few other great-grandchildren.

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