Sir Ian McKellen Reveals He Is Going To Perform King Lear At The West End And Opens About His Decision To Come Out 30 Years Ago

February 7, 2018 14:15

Sometimes, casting choices in movies need a little help, and sometimes, they are a disaster. But do you want to make any changes in the movies Sir Ian McKellen starred in? Can you imagine the iconic The Lord of the Rings trilogy without wise Gandalf, or X-Men franchise without McKellen’s Magneto? We doubt they would even be worth watching! But McKellen is famous not only for his stunning TV and movie performances, and he is going to prove it one more time.

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Returning to the West End

The celebrated actor can boast of appearance in a number of plays and even has a website that allows Ian to interact with his fans and help them explore the world of Shakespeare.

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Actually, he performed his first stage role when he was a schoolboy. Now, at 78, McKellen has 66 years of experience. And he is ready to return to the theater as King Lear. The modern-dress version of Lear ran last fall in Great Britain and was a success.

Now, it will be staged at the Duke of York’s Theater, where the admirers will have 16 weeks to enjoy it. What is more, the play will likely to be captured on camera, since it may be one of the legendary actor’s last roles. The star will be joined by Sinead Cusack who will play Kent, King Lear’s courtier.

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Another occasion to celebrate

Apart from returning to stage performances, McKellen had another occasion to celebrate last month. On January 27, the actor marked 30 years since he publicly came out as homosexual. It was during a BBC interview that Ian discussed controversial government bills and opened up about his sexuality. This year, he took to Twitter to share the news:

I've never met a gay person who regretted coming out – including myself. Life at last begins to make sense, when you are open and honest.

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Previously, he also revealed that he received death threats upon coming out. Fortunately, times changed and now the society can treat homosexuals fairly.

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