Danger Averted: Georgia’s First Lady Recovers From Cancer Surgery

January 30, 2018

In what could have resulted into a tragic situation, the evil has been averted, and Sandra Deal is back on her feet.

As the wife of the incumbent governor of Georgia, she has visited every single county in Georgia and made a rough estimate of 834 school attendances. Not only that, she is a strong advocate of literacy, education, and child welfare.

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As such, she is known for visiting schools around the state just to read to the students, thereby making their day. Sandra Deal is that incredible!

Breast cancer diagnosis

This January though, during her annual mammogram, she was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer. She also informed that she requires a chemotherapy treatment to pass.

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Sandra Deal was highly optimistic about her prognosis, saying:

Since I caught it in its early stages, I am confident that the chemotherapy will yield successful results.

In her typical manner of looking out for others, she did advise other women to take care of their health and ensure they get a mammogram done annually.

The good news in all of this is that the surgery was successful, and the sprightly First Lady is recovering fast.

The Deal family

Education and literacy might just be in the genes for the Deal family.

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Nathan is a son of teachers, Mary and Noah Jordan Deal. Sandra is a teacher herself. It is no surprise why education is of priority to the first family.

Their union has produced four children, Jason, Mary Emily, Carrie, and Kate.

51 years of marriage and counting

During his state speech, Governor Deal said of his wife " ... she has no plans of slowing down," as she stood up to accept applause.

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The governor, 75, has been married to Sandra for 51 years, and one of the greatest things they have going for each other is their mutual support.

Throughout his stint in the US Army and his political career, Sandra has been at his side, cheering him on every step of the way. And he, on the other hand, lauds her multifarious projects as well as acknowledges her openly.

We are glad things turned out well for this model couple. And, we can’t wait to see what else the education activist is up to when she’s back on her feet.

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