Gianna Sciortino Managed To Lose Half Of Her Body Weight Just In 10 Months

February 8, 2018

Success stories are always great to read. These are the people to admire but, as a rule, they don’t even imagine all the hard work and troubles a person went through before achieving a goal. Nevertheless, such stories motivate and tell us once again that everything is possible.

Gianna Sciortino and her career

This beautiful woman, Gianna Sciortino, is an actress based in New York. She is 20, and despite her young age, she can boast about a lot of achievements both in per personal life and her career.

As to the latter, the woman has played a role of Extra in the movie First Match. She also had the role of Rory in Student Film. These roles brought her success, and the girl doesn’t plan to stop.

From 180lbs to 120 lbs, in 10 months

In her 20s Gianna already knows how it feels to weight 240lbs. She’s gained so much due to her illness, polycystic ovary syndrome. But the actress didn’t have any intentions to put up with the problem. She resorted to more drastic measures.

Gastric sleeve surgery helped her shrink her stomach and lose half of her body weight (120lbs).

How she manages to keep her weight now.

After the surgery Giana makes sure she always eats healthy and works out enough. What is more, she worked with a nutritionist and even was on a liquid diet.

The girl needs to eat very slowly if she doesn’t want to get sick. All in all, her efforts gave her the result she’s been dreaming of.

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