DIY Paper Gift Or Lunch Bag Turorials: It Takes Under 10 Minutes To Make Them

November 22, 2017

Today, we live in the world where we can buy literally everything. There is no need to make a gift card or a birthday cake if we can buy the ready ones in the store. But people always forget that handmade presents are still popular today. Of course, not all of us have enough skills to create something extraordinary, but here are some good ideas for beautiful paper bags, which can increase the value of any gift you put in them.

Surprise your kid with a handmade lunch box

Supplies and instruments:

- colored paper

- ruler

- duct tape

- scissors

- double sided sticky tape

Tutorial steps:

1. Bend paper sheet a half.

2. Make folds parallel to the lateral sides to form a shape of a bag. The lateral sides must be bent inward to connect the vertical folds.

3. Form the bottom of the bag.

4 . Bend the corners in the middle and attach a double-sided scotch tape to one side.  Repeat the same procedure with another side of a package.

5. Cut out a rectangle-shaped piece of paper a few millimeters smaller than the bottom of the bag to make it more steady.

6. Paste a double-sided scotch tape on one side and move this piece of paper to the bottom of the bag from the inside.

The handmade paper bag for lunch is ready. You may choose any color you like to create your own lunch box.

Paper gift bag tutorial

People like to share their ideas on making unusual and simple at the same time paper gift bags. To have a better understanding of how to create such kind of things, you can watch these paper bags tutorials below.

Great ideas for gift paper bags

There are a lot of options to create a good gift paper bag. Everything depends on your particular taste. Some people prefer to follow the concept of minimalism, others want to express their creativity in the most incredible way.

You can make a gift bag following the holidays’ theme, like Christmas or Halloween, or Valentine’s Day. Anyone will be glad to receive a present packed in a beautiful handmade bag, especially from a good friend or a loving person.

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A cute paper bag made by your own hands can raise your mood and fill you with a sense of self-esteem for creating something really incredible and useful. Besides, it can be a good gift idea for upcoming holidays to impress family and friends.

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