No More Shameful Feet Odor: Learn To Eliminate The Bad Smell From Your Footwear With A Complex Approach

April 26, 2018 17:12

You can’t get rid of the problem without finding out its reason. The unpleasant odor can appear in a new pair of shoes because of bacteria developing process, as the wet environment is favorable for their life. Another reason for the bad smell is a fungal infection. This can be either a nail plate fungus or the feet mycosis. In this case, local or complex treatment is necessary.


Why feet stink

Shoes should not be wet. If you feel your feet are very sweaty after you come home, dry your shoes so that the mold smell doesn’t appear. Bacteria develop rapidly in dampness and moisture. Never wear socks if your feet are wet. After washing, wipe them with a towel thoroughly, especially between your fingers.


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How to get rid of the smell

Perhaps, you are tired of smelling your stinky feet after taking off your shoes. Your friends hide their noses as you visit them, and your partner uses odor eliminator too often. Well, it is time to change something. Here is a list of five tips for removing the bad smell from your precious feet.

Wash thoroughly

Try to apply soap every time you smell the bad odor from your feet. Simple rinsing may not help, so wash them thoroughly and don’t forget to dry – bacteria tend to spread in the wet environment.


Let your shoes rest

It is not recommended to put on the same footwear two days in a row. They simply don’t dry properly, making the bacteria environment even more satisfying.


Foot powder

If your feet continue sweating regardless of the weather, it is necessary to help them keep dry. Make a habit of applying foot powder before you set up anywhere so that it isn’t shameful for you to take off the shoes in public.


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Coffee filter and baking soda

In case your shoes keep emitting bad odor even after drying, you can easily make an absorbing tool which will eliminate the smell overnight. Just fill the coffee filter with some baking soda and put the small bag at the end of the shoe.


Coffee pads

Even coffee itself can deal with the nasty odor of your shoes. Put a coffee pad into each of your shoes overnight. In the morning, your footwear will smell as if it is the most delicious brew you have ever tried.


Right fabric for shoes

When it comes to the material choice, be sure you use high-quality footwear to prevent lack of ventilation. Always give preference to leather, suede, or other natural materials. The risk of bad odor occurrence in cheap Chinese shoes made of less artificial materials is much higher.


Keep your feet safe. Treat them not worse than your face or hands. Be gentle with them, and you will never smell the bad odor from your shoes again.

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