Comedian, Mike Hanley, Turned A Regular Father-Daughter Dance Into A Performance

November 17, 2017 10:20

You've probably seen many beautiful father-daughter dances on YouTube, but this one may be the funniest one you'll ever see. It is performed by Mike Hanley, a famous comedian, and his 13-year-old daughter, Jessica. The two definitely rocked the party stage where they danced to a 5-minute-long music compilation - from “Mambo Number 5" to "Macarena" to "“In Da Club”. Can you imagine such a crazy mix?

However, the father and the daughter don't think it's crazy at all. It looks like the duo are pretty serious about their choreography, and we are sure they had many rehearsals before Jessica's Bat Mitzvah party.

Wait, what is Bat Mitzvah? Not long before the occasion, the girl had turned 13. In Jewish traditions, this age starts a person's adulthood. According to Jewish laws, the Jessica's parents are no longer responsible for whatever bad things she can do. That's why her family threw a traditional coming-of-age party, Bat Mitzvah. As you can see in the video below, they invited many guests, most of whom are Jessica's teenage friends, and decided to show them Mike's and Jess's dancing skills.

In our opinion, it is a great way to celebrate the transfer of responsibilities from mother and father to an individual. This is actually a key aspect of a child's upbringing! While in most Christian families this is rather a process with uneven boundaries, in Jewish tradition, there's a particular line, drawn between childhood and adulthood, and it's the age of 13.

Mike Hanley was thrilled when he shared a dance floor with his beautiful daughter at her Bat Mitzva. They started from slow moves, but then, the music suddenly changed!  What happened next made the guests drop their jaws!

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