Cute Kitten Sounds Like Morgan Freeman Due To A Rare Throat Condition

November 17, 2017

When we watched the video of this cat for the very first time, we thought, "Has Morgan Freeman voiced it?"

Cash Cat Flava / YouTube

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When people heard this adorable kitty meowing in this video, many of them couldn’t believe the sound wasn’t created using a computer. However, it was absolutely real. It's not surprising that the viewers were so confused - the cat from the video, Jack, has an unusually deep voice! 

The thing is that Jack has a very rare disease, laryngeal paralysis, and his voice has changed after many surgeries he had to undergo. His meows sound like they are produced by some mysterious creature. One comment said Jack sounded like a cowboy while another one suggested he was Darth Vader's cat. Jack's owner, who is a regular human by the way, explained that he recorded and posted this video of Jack to make people aware of an unusual condition in cats. Laryngeal paralysis in animals is a condition in which the nerves and muscles of the throat cease to function making it hard to breathe and swallow. The man wrote,

I want to make an awareness video on this and include cats that sound the same as well as veterinary interviews.

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It’s hard to believe, but Jack's video has already gained more than 3 million views! Many owners whose cats have similar issues texted Jack's 'dad' sharing their experience of taking care of pets with laryngeal paralysis.

Cash Cat Flava / YouTube

Well done, kitty! Bravo, Jack’s owner! Thank you for taking care of this little fellow and sharing your inspiring experience with us!

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