Fairy Tales Do Come True: A Photo Of Young Meghan Markle Outside Buckingham Palace

December 14, 2017 16:28

Meghan Markle is a true example that our dreams and heart desires can come true if we hold on to them intently.

20 years ago, Markle could only dream about living in Buckingham Palace. Now, she will soon marry the prince and become a part of the royal family.


The wedding ceremony will be held in May 2018 at St. George’s chapel in Windsor Castle.

Teenage picture

Recently, a photo of 15-year-old teenage Meghan surfaced the media. The beauty was seated on a railing just outside the palace.

Joining her in the picture was her childhood friend Ninaki Priddy. Both of them just enjoyed the warmth of summer and the scenery.

While Ninaki went along with a white blouse and beige colored skirt, Meghan, on the other hand, struck an elegant look as she was dressed in a simple and well-fitting black dress. The smile on her face as she posed for the picture says a lot.

Relationship with Harry

In a twist of rather lovely events, Prince Harry and his now fiancé met each other on a blind date. It was love at first sight. More so, they share something extraordinary in common - their burning passion for everything philanthropy and lending a helping hand to humanity.


That was the real glue that cemented their relationship together, reported a source.

Meghan is really fired up and in touch with young people discovering themselves early in life and uses every platform she can to pursue this noble cause.

The soon-to-be couple is head over heels in love with each other. This is easily seen through incredible joy and bliss they emanate just being together. Continuing further, it is said that theirs union was made in heaven.


Fairy tale comes true

Once heard about the engagement of her friend, Ninaki said these words about Meghan:

She has been planning a day like this forever, becoming a Princess has been her dream.

Interestingly, that dream has become a reality as the Prince and his betrothed are currently living together at their snug Nottingham cottage in Kensington Palace. Their abode boasts a rooftop garden and long, stylish hallways.


They may, however, move to a larger residence after getting married. Meghan will also be baptized and become accepted by the Church of England ahead of that time to be considered a blue-blooded British citizen.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations to the latest royal couple.

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