15 People Have Spent 30 Days Making A Cake For Indonesian Wedding

November 21, 2017 14:42

It is impossible to imagine a wedding without a cake, and it has already become a tradition to prepare one and to share it with guests. Some couples even save the top layer of the cake, freeze it, and try it on the first wedding anniversary. It proves that the cake is a really important part of the whole ceremony. Some years ago, they mostly looked the same, but now, it is possible to make it more personalized and creative.

The wedding that took place on November 5, 2017, in Indonesia, was one of the most remarkable. The couple has chosen a cake that looked like a castle of dreams. This multi-layer masterpiece was surrounded by a sugar castle and reminded a scene from a fairytale. The cake was 16 feet tall, and 15 people have spent around 30 days creating sugar decorations. On the day of the event, it took the staff members of the bakery more than six hours to put everything together. What a big piece of work has been done!

The video below shows the beauty of the cake, which looks more like a piece of art. It is hard to believe that all parts of it are eatable, as everything looks so realistic! One may think that it is a real castle rather than a wedding cake. Of course, the whole ceremony was prepared and decorated in the same style, which means that other elements of the event were as luxurious as the cake itself.

As it has already been mentioned, many couples try to choose the original design of their wedding cake and make it look unique and special. For example, these two gateaus remind people of a wedding flower bouquet.

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Source: CountryLiving

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