Despite The Heavy Rain, Two Boys Lowered The Flag In The School Yard To Complete Their Duty

October 17, 2017

Do you remember yourself being a small kid? It was a wonderful period when we didn’t have so many responsibilities and duties and could do almost everything we wanted. Many interesting cases usually occur at times when adults don’t keep an eye on children. But you will never guess what these two boys did when they were left alone in the school yard.

Isaac Davis and Nate Helmath study at Coppergate Elementary School in Middleburg, Florida. One day, it was raining, and friends decided to go to the school garden. They thought that nobody was watching them, but the teacher, Kim Miskowski, looked through the window and noticed something unbelievable. She took her camera right away and started making some photos. Later, it became a sensation!

Isaac and Nate are the members of the school’s safety patrol. Their duty is to raise and lower the flag, and the rain didn’t stop them from fulfilling the task. Guys completed their duty, and the driving rainstorm was not an obstacle for them. What a brave act!

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The administration of the Coppergate Elementary School received the photos from Kim Miskowski and has recently made a post on Facebook, describing this wonderful story. The teachers are extremely proud of such responsible and patriotic students. The post became viral right away, and now, everybody is amazed by it. During the last interview, Isaac and Nate said that they thought it might be a respectful thing to do.

What great kids they are! When we read such incredible stories, we become more and more confident that our future is in good hands. Their parents must be very lucky to have such great children.

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Source: Fox News / Youtube