Carrie Underwood Shares Sweet 'Daddy-Son' Moments On Social Media

January 24, 2018

Carrie Underwood is not only an incredibly talented American country singer and actress but also a loving wife and mother. She is happily married to a retired hockey player Mike Fisher, with whom they welcomed their baby boy Isaiah on February 27, 2015. Since that time, she enjoys her parenting life, regularly posting photos of her son in social media.

But her recent post on Instagram is very special. She has uploaded a video of how her husband reads a book to his son. Carrie captioned the photo “Story time with Daddy...Learning about Noah...and my heart melts...

This video is so touching as it shows what a good father her husband is. Their son must be very proud to have such loving and careful parents.

Nevertheless, the main character on this video is Isaiah, whose charming voice makes people’s hearts melt. On the video, he listens to the story very attentively and even points out the animals from the book as well as calls them out by their names. As well, he knows who the Noah is and shows what he does. What a smart little guy he is!

By the way, these two try to spend much time together. There are plenty of pictures in Carrie Underwood’s social media profile that prove that Mike Fisher has a special bond with his son Isaiah. A lot of people are leaving comments writing what a good couple they are and even asking to get Isaiah a little sister.

What do you think about this bond? Please, leave your comments below.

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