Stunning Wedding Shot, Captured From The Drone, Shows Heart Shaped By The Guests

October 13, 2017

There are numerous creative ways to celebrate your love, and this cute couple found an unusual way to express their feelings to each other.

When Chris Bryan and Ashleigh Blinkhorn, who both grew up in Keene, Canada, decided to get married, they came up with an amazing idea of filming the wedding from a bird’s eye view! Ashleigh's parents farm near Peterborough happened to be the perfect location for fulfilling their extraordinary idea.

Rumble Viral/YouTube

But what was surprising for the guests is that they all were supposed to be a part of a wonderful heart-shaped flesh mob, which was captured by aerial imaging photographer Mack Evenden from the drone!

Mack’s friend and Chris’s cousin (an engineer) calculated the perimeter of the heart required for approximately 150 guests. After that, they marked the heart on the grass, so that it would be easier for people to find their places, and the lines wouldn’t be seen from the air view.

Rumble Viral/YouTube

Evenden explained,

I was given 15 to 30 minutes to round everybody up and take the shot. We made an announcement directing everybody where to go, and they all lined up. The photographs and video were taken in less than 20 minutes. Having the heart shape cut out of the grass greatly reduced the amount of time needed for people to get into position.

The footage shows a stunning view of the farm and the field, covered with emerald grass. The camera was able to capture an amazing moment when 150 guests came together in a heart-shaped figure, which symbolizes Chris and Ashleigh’s love for each other.

Rumble Viral/YouTube

A perfect shot, just like such kind of relationship, requires thorough preparation and a lot of hard work. Chris and Ashleigh, undoubtedly, succeeded with the first one, and we just wish them a lifetime full of happiness!