28-Year-Old Woman Shares Her Inspiring Journey To Losing 205-Lbs After Her Wedding

March 23, 2018 18:08

A woman named Eden Sanboeuf has shared her inspiring weight loss journey. She went from being 305-lbs to 160-lbs. The motivation to shed all that weight came right after her wedding.

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She stayed positive.

At 25, she decided to get her life back on track when she got her wedding photos back after the big day. She could not believe how much weight she had gained, and to make matters worse, she was weighed down by her negativity.

Her wake up call led her to track her calories and nutrition. She began to watch her food choices more carefully and became deliberate about what she was putting in her body. The improvement was instant and thrilling.

Eden did not stop even when the progress rate threatened to slow down. She continued to pull through. She also began to try out new and healthy recipes and was having so much fun with it that she started a Facebook page called Getting Healthy with Eden.

Her new positive attitude helped her pull through much more than her weight.

When she lost a baby in 2016, she was determined to stay on track. And, the next year, she and her husband welcomed their miracle baby.

An airplane incident changed her life.

Another woman whose amazing weight loss journey is just as inspiring as Eden's story is Sara Tuohey who lost 210-lbs. She formerly weighed 330-lbs.

Tuohey's turnaround point came after an incident during a Tiger Airways flight while traveling with her daughter for her grandmother’s birthday.

She had come to a point where she had to request an additional seat belt. And, she could barely get through the embarrassment of having to make the request while the other passengers watched.

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After this experience, she made drastic lifestyle changes. She began to exercise regularly, cut down her sugar intake and focused on protein-rich home-cooked meals. She also had a gastric sleeve surgery at some point.

These days, Tuohey is a Zumba fitness instructor in great shape.

Get your life back today.

What's great about these inspiring stories is the doggedness of these women to turn their lives around for themselves.

A great way to get on the right track today is by choosing to make the necessary lifestyle changes now. Why wait right?

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Instead of the usual calorie-heavy food, choose more grain-based diets. Vegetables sound cliched, but they actually work, as do fruits, full-fat yogurts, and salads. Beans too is a great way to get more proteins. Get your life back!

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