Sweet Moment Between 101-Year-Old Kirk Douglas And His Adorable Great-Granddaughter

March 6, 2018

Kirk Douglas has a lovely and enviable family. The actor and producer recently got to spend some quality time with his baby great-granddaughter.

Kirk hangs out with Lua Izzy.

Kirk's grandson, Cameron Douglas, posted this adorable photo on Instagram of Kirk and little Lua. The child was born to Cameron and his girlfriend, Viviane Thibes.

The sweet moment was captioned with the words, "Words cannot express," and taking a look at the tenderness between them, we can certainly see why the proud dad would say so.

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A special name for a special girl

Lua Izzy was uniquely named in honor of her loving great-grandpa. Kirk was born Issur Danielovitch and was also known as Izzy at some point. He may have moved on from that name, but now, this sweet little girl is its bearer.

Lua is also special for another reason too. She was born 16 months after her dad was released from prison, where he had spent some time for conspiracy to distributing of drugs. His sentence, which was up to seven years, strained his relationship with his father, Michael.

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However, recent pictures have shown that the family now has nothing but love for each other and it's all thanks to the baby that united them.

In an interview, Cameron revealed that his relationship with his dad is stronger than ever and they are simply trying to spend as much time as possible together.

Kirk's 101st birthday

Speaking of family drama, it was previously rumoured that Cameron did not attend his grandpa's 101st birthday due to the less-than-perfect relationship they had at the time. It, however, turned out that Cameron, whose baby was due around that period, just wanted to be closer to Viviane.

Well, we think this was a noble reason and we're sure Kirk did not mind one bit, considering how happy he looks to be holding little Lua in the picture above.

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