Where Are They Now: The Original Cast Of 'Cheers'

January 15, 2018

'Cheers' was one of the most popular sitcoms that ran through the 80's and early 90's. The pilot hit the air on September 30, 1982, and the show lasted eleven seasons with its finale on the 20th of May 1993.

The premise of this beloved show was a bar named Cheers located in Boston, Massachusetts where people came to relax and hang out. It followed the lives of the bar staff and some of its regulars.

The show has been off the air for nearly 25 years, but if you're anything like us, you're probably still watching reruns and laughing hysterically due to the jokes and one-liners. And you're maybe even wondering about what your favorite 'Cheers' actors are up to today.

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Where are they now?

Let us catch up with some of the lead characters of the TV show.

Ted Danson

Following his performance on the show which earned him a Golden Globe Award, two Emmy Awards, and a couple of Emmy nominations, he continued to feature in a number of TV shows. He had a role in the miniseries Gulliver's Travels (1996) and Mumford (1999). 

In 2011, he joined the cast of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation where he plays the role of supervisor D. B. Russell.

Shelley Long

Comedian Shelley Long is also still in the game. She recently starred in the film Different Flowers where she played a grandmother named Mildred.


Nicholas Colasanto


Unfortunately, he passed away of a heart attack on February 12, 1985. He was 61.

Rhea Perlman

The actress went on to star in a number of TV movies. Today, she plays the role of Danny's mother, Annette Castellano, in The Mindy Project.

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George Wendt

Since his days on 'Cheers', Wendt has gotten several small screen roles, including The Ghost Whisperer and Portlandia' He was also among the cast of the sitcom Clipped in 2015. Recently, he played Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman.


John Ratzenberger

He has been referred to as Hollywood’s most versatile vocal talent. He is also the only actor to have a voice role in all of the Pixar movies. He is set to star in Underminer (to be released in 2018) and Toy Story 4 (out in 2019).

Kelsey Grammer

The actor has been more focused on his movie career since his days on Cheers. From roles in The Expendables 3 and Transformers: Age of Extinction, he has been keeping his fans happy.

Woody Harrelson

In 2001, he was featured in seven episodes of Will And Grace. In 2014, he starred in 'True Detective'. Solo: A Star Wars Story and Venom are some of his works that will be released this year.

Bebe Neuwirth

Her most recent TV roles include Kelly Peterson in Blue Bloods, Nadine Tolliver in Madame SecretaryJudge Claudia Friend in The Good Wife.

Kristie Alley

Apart from Cheers, she had a notable role in Veronica's Closet (1997 - 2000) where she was also an executive producer. Her most recent role was as a main cast in Scream Queens where she played Ingrid Marie Hoffel / Bean in 2016.

Favorite 'Cheers' Scenes

If it's been a while you watched your favorite actors in this comedy show, let's remind you why millions of people loved it so much. Check out some of the funniest scenes in the video below.

Hope you enjoyed catching up with the actor and actresses that put a smile on your faces in the 80s and 90s. What other TV show cast would you like to catch up with? Share with us in the comment.

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