Joanna From 'Love Actually': She Is All Grown Up Now And Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

December 28, 2017

Love Actually is one of these movies that we cannot imagine Christmas without. But as the years go by, we wonder what our favorite characters look like today, especially these little cuties Sam and Joanna.

The sweetest couple in the movie

Throughout the entire movie, we watched Sam struggling to find a way to draw the attention of the best girl in the school.


She was perfect: beautiful, smart, and incredibly talented. Do you remember that iconic song she performed in the end?

And how thrilled we were to finally see that sweet and innocent first kiss.


However, it has been over 14 years since the first release of the film and our beloved Joanna looks completely different today.


She is still singing

Today, the actress Olivia Olson who played Joanna in Richard Curtis' Christmas comedy is already 25 and still has an angel voice. While playing Sam's sweetheart was the major role in her filmography so far, we can hear Olivia's voice in several popular animated series, including Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb, and The Powerpuff Girls.

She also writes songs and music, and even shares some of her work on social media.

And to the joy of many fans of the original movie, Olivia joined the Love Actually cast for the reunion in the short sequel Red Nose Day Actually released earlier in 2017.

Olivia even posted a funny meme, comparing Sam and Joanna to another famous couple – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (who are just about to get married in May 2018).

And there is a certain resemblance, don't you think? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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