Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Set Against Trump's Further Plans Of Industrializing California

February 5, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous actor as well as the former governor of California, has recently responded to Donald Trump’s intention to start drilling on the California beaches.

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Trump's Industrial Plans

The US President has recently introduced his new infrastructure plan that involves offshore drilling on the territory of current biggest resort place in the entire country.

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As an advocate of industrialization, Trump sees it logical to expand the works to the west of the state.

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Schwarzenegger's Defending Position

Mr. Terminator is rough in his statements, saying that the western coasts of the US are a primary recreation source, with millions of tourists coming there to enjoy the pristine nature and the lovely sun resort.

What is more, Arnold stresses that Donald Trump can start the drilling campaign on his Palm Beach and leave California alone.

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Great Support From The Former Governor

In his second tweet, Schwarzenegger also admits that not only does the place of interest provide a perfect destination for holidays and vacation, but it is also a working opportunity for thousands of people who love the current pace of development.

The story will perhaps have its development as both, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump are tenacious and uncompromising people who always have respect for their promises.

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