Sally Struthers: The Star Of 'All In The Family' Struggled With Life Challenges After The End Of The Show

December 13, 2017

Once a beloved actress in all homes across the USA, Sally Struthers didn't have an easy life for the past 40 years. The star of 1970's TV show All in the Family experienced troubles after the end of the show.

Sally Struthers

Sally became a regular household name in the 1960s and early 70s after only two roles made her a star. Firstly, she had a minor role in Five Easy Pieces, a movie with Jack Nicholson. Soon after, she had her break-out role as Gloria Stivic in the popular sitcom All in the Family.

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The sitcom brought her two Primetime Emmy Awards as well as national popularity. Despite that, things didn't really turn out the way she planned.

Life after All in the Family 

After a failed Archie Bunker's Place spin-off called Gloria, Struthers continued to have only minor roles in TV series. Her last stable TV gig was in The Gilmore Girls, where she had a role of a recurring character, Babette.

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However, Sally found herself a job and happiness playing various characters in theaters. Even though she turned 70 in July this year, she is still going strong and can't really afford to catch a break.

I'm ready to retire, I have a mortgage to pay. People think I get checks for 'All in the Family' reruns. I don't. So I have to work!

Charity work

Although she didn't get the life of a superstar she planned for herself, Sally always found the time to help others. She is a spokesperson for ChildFund where she represents poor children from third world countries.

With over 30 years of charity work, she will forever be a star in the hearts of good people, and that's the only place that matters.

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