William H. Macy Finished His Acceptance Speech At 2018 SAG Awards With A Big "I Love You" To His Wife

January 25, 2018

Is there something more beautiful and heartwarming than a sincere declaration of love? How about a heartfelt "I love you" in front of a crowd made of Hollywood's finest stars? Well, for actor William H. Macy, declaring his love for Felicity Huffman was the pinnacle of his SAG Awards acceptance speech.


Winning the SAG Award

Since 2010, Macy has been a part of the cast of the hit TV series Shameless. He had taken upon the problematic role of Frank Gallagher and has been performing brilliantly. His outstanding performance even brought him an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 2014.


Screen Actors Guild Award is one of Hollywood's major awards and is one of the most respected within the actors' community. This is the third time that William Macy gets a SAG Award for his work in Shameless. It was this ongoing recognition given to Macy by his colleagues that inspired him to provide with a beautiful acceptance speech.


Inspiring words instead of a boring speech

William expressed his belief that actors are the ones telling the truth; thus, art must portray real life or it will become dishonest. The phenomenal actor also added that seeing and recognizing reality is something we should all aspire to.


However, the actor has also indirectly sent a message that is even stronger than the search for truth. It is a message about love, support, and family. As the crown jewel of his speech, Macy said a beautiful "I love you" to his wife Felicity Huffman and told just how proud he is for being a dad to their daughters.

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman

One of the most adorable couples in Hollywood recently celebrated 20 years of marriage. However, things weren't that simple as it took 15 years for William to get the love of his life to marry him. Today, they are a mutually supportive couple and have two adorable girls Sophia and Georgia.

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It is so refreshing to see a real-life love story with a happy end, especially in Hollywood. We are sure that the actor and actress have a lot of love-filled years ahead of them.