Jimmy Fallon's 'Everything Is Mama' Book Was Released In October 2017, But It Is Still Among The Top Bestsellers

January 16, 2018 12:22

Jimmy Fallon’s book Everything Is MAMA hit shelves in October, but it is still among top 5 bestsellers! Actually, it is not the first writing attempt of the comedian. Three years ago, he published another children’s book Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA, and it turned out to be absolute success.

About the book

After the release of his first book, many fans and admirers of the TV host were curious when there would be a special edition for moms. Now, they can enjoy the lighthearted sequel where different animal moms teach their kids that there are other words for every object and activity in the world but for "mama".

Even though I basically forced my second child to say ‘dada’ as her first word, every other object that mattered in her life was ‘mama'.

Fans’ reaction

People were quick to point out that the book was perfect for toddlers and babies who would definitely love colorful pictures of animals, including turtles, monkeys, tigers, and others. You can have so much fun with this book, learning words, colors, and just enjoying its quality. There’s no doubt people will ask for another one!


What is more, Jimmy inspires parents of children with special needs. When he asked to share heartfelt cute videos of kids saying “mama", Kate Swenson, a mother of autistic and non-verbal Cooper, was upset because her son could not do that. But then, she realized that he is no different from other children. Cooper did speak with his speech device – and won the contest!

Losing a protector and supporter

Yes, moms are everything, they never give up on you, but sadly, Jimmy lost his mom last year. Gloria Fallon passed away on November 4, 2017. She was in one of the hospitals in New York, with her entire family with her, including her son.

Today I lost my biggest fan.

The TV host canceled the next episodes of his show for a week to have some time to find comfort and strength.

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