Kylie Jenner Should Choose Between Long Nails And Having A Healthy Baby

March 14, 2018

Of course, every woman wants to look beautiful. But it is recommended for young mothers to think about their baby’s safety first. It was found out that long nails can be very harmful to small kids.

The research that was conducted by the Oklahoma health officials shows there is a connection between bacteria beneath long nails and death of babies in an intensive care unit. The investigation results are impressive: Half of the 16 deaths from January 1, 1997, to March 12, 1998, were due to long fingernails. No deaths were reported since nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit were asked to have short nails.

Babies in neonatal intensive care units have low immunological protection and are more likely to get an infection. The infection was caused by the bacteria “pseudomonas aeruginosa”. Although it is not yet clear whether the nurses transmitted the bacteria to the babies or vice versa, there is one fact that is absolutely evident: once nurses acquire the bacteria, they can spread it.

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Kylie Jenner, who has recently become a mommy, is highly criticized by her fans after posting a picture with her baby.  On the photo, Kylie is having a long manicure while holding her daughter Stormi.

People advised her to remove acrylic nails and to think more about baby’s health and safety rather than a manicure. Some fans suggest she doesn’t care about having long nails because babysitters will do all the work instead of her: change the diapers, give a bottle etc.

In the case of Kylie Jenner, it might be rather difficult to find the balance between the motherhood and the career in show business. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to follow safety rules in order to avoid health problems.

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