From A Model To First Lady: Uncovering Melania Trump’s Real Style

February 12, 2018

All of us have seen Melania Trump as an elegant and extremely stylish lady who knows how to dress in a very discreet way. However, those who had followed her way before she became the FLOTUS might have noticed that she hasn’t always been the same.

Melania’s style today  

Over the time she’s been the First Lady, Melania has shown us she has a perfect sense of style. She knows what to dress depending on the occasion. The former model tries to wear the right clothes when she represents the USA abroad.

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That’s why she wore a dress by German designer Jil Sander during her trip to Hamburg and a red skirt suit by French fashion house Dior when she was in Paris.


Melania in the past

However, in the past, Melania was known for short flashy dresses and extraordinary expensive furs that she tries not to wear now. Here is a list of things she had to give up after becoming the First Lady.

Tight dresses that showed all her beauty were definitely her thing. Unfortunately, she can’t wear them now.

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Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Does she like her wardrobe changes?

Her life changes were the trigger that influenced her change of wardrobe, and while we might assume she came to like the way she wears now, it’s possible to tell that First Lady wasn’t too thrilled that her husband had won the elections.

Even more, she is the only First Lady who waited for 5 months to move to the White House after her husband became the president.


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Melania Trump First Lady Style