From Ivana Trump To Kara Young: Favorite Women Of Donald Trump

February 8, 2018

They met back in 1998 at a party, and Melania immediately made Trump go crazy. He wanted her number, but she didn’t give it to him, saying she would call first if she wanted. Seven years after meeting a billionaire, they tied the knot. But who else had a chance of becoming his wife?

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Girlfriends and wives of Donald Trump

Marla Maples

It is believed that strong-willed and beautiful Marla stole Donald from Ivana. A woman of many talents, she was the host of the radio show as well as played in cinema and Broadway musicals. Their relationship was passionate but problematic, so the two divorced in 1999.

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Ivana Trump

Having been married to Trump for 15 years, she gave birth to three of his children, including Ivanka, his beloved daughter and heiress of the empire. A girl from socialist Czechoslovakia won his heart with her beauty, spontaneity, and love for adventures. Even now, they keep in touch and speak to each other at least once a week.

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Kylie Bax

Kylie is another stunning model (do you see a pattern here?) who has reportedly dated the future president of the United States back in 1995. Actually, they remained friends, and she even defended him when Donald was accused of sexual harassment.

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Gabriela Sabatini

It seems that 1989 was a busy year for Trump in terms of relationships. He hadn’t divorced Ivana yet and had a hiatus from his affair with Marla. Donald and Gabriela (surprisingly, not a model but a tennis player) only dated for a month.


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Kara Young

The last on our list is Kara, a fashion model whom Trump dated for two years from 2001. Young is biracial, so she was quite surprised when she heard his reaction to the events happening in Charlottesville, saying that he had never made any disparaging remarks about any race.


Being FLOTUS is not easy

Maybe, all these women should not get upset about not becoming the FLOTUS. After all, it's a very public role, and everyone can see what is happening in your relationships, including conflicts.


Now, Melania has to face different rumors regarding her husband, including his alleged affair with a porn star, and read unpleasant things about their relationship on various social media and in books. Just a couple of month ago, the book Fire and Fury revealed that the presidential couple could go days without even seeing or talking to each other.



However, only the two know the truth.

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