Amanda Byram Opens Up About Finding Love At 43 And Lessons She Learned From Being Single


November 29, 2017 11:15 By Fabiosa

Amanda Byram is an Irish television presenter who is best known for co-hosting the BBC One game show, Total Wipeout, with Richard Hammond and hosting the TV show Paradise Hotel.

Amanda's search for love

The TV personality got married in April 2016 to producer Julian Okhine, and she revealed that she has been enjoying marital life. Irish Mirror reported that it was fireworks at first sight for the couple, and she was smitten with him almost immediately. She told the publication, "It was definitely a chemistry from the second we saw each other. We had that domino effect."

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Amanda came close to walking down the aisle once before. She was engaged to rugby star Craig McMullen, but the couple ended up splitting in 2012.

The ex-model has always been very open about her complicated love life and determination to find true love despite all odds. Speaking to Independent, she explained that while on the search for Mr. Right, she experienced a lot of turmoil and heartache. In fact, it was around the time that she accepted that she would be just fine if she had to be single forever that she came across the man that swept her off her feet.

I was single and happy. Everyone was always saying, 'Oh, you're getting to an age now... and not getting married and not having kids. I was, like, actually happy being single.

She admitted that there were moments when being single was not so glamorous, but accepting herself and the fact that there was a possibility that she may never find the love of her life helped her keep her head up. She confessed that the hard part was when she turned 40 and had to accept that she may never have children.

40 and single

Byram's journey of finding love ended happily, and her story is a lesson for those who think it is too late to find happiness. There really is nothing to be gained by rushing into a marriage with the wrong person.

The hard part is usually when a woman fears that she's getting older and may start feeling the pressure from those around her.

A writer names Melanie Notkin penned a truly beautiful piece for Huffington Post where she shared her experience of being 40 and single. Among other lessons, she said that one of the biggest things was discovering that being single did not have to mean being alone or lonely.

Sure, she spent many nights enjoying dinner for one and taking trips alone, but the feeling of loneliness was not one she had had for a long time.

I’ve got a full, rich life, one I’ve created for myself. It is by no means the life I expected to have at age 44, but it’s an abundant life in its own magnificent way. It’s a new kind of happiness I’m quite proud to have achieved and call my own.

From the stories of these women, we can see that the most important thing, whether you're single at 20 or at 40, is to accept who you are and be okay with your own company. The simple fact of life is that while some find love pretty early, for others, it may take a while, and that's okay. It's certainly nothing to be ashamed about.

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