GBBO’s Judge Prue Leigh Felt “Awful” After Unfortunate Twitter Gaffe Revealing The Show’s Winner Too Early

November 24, 2017 18:29

Prue Leigh has been entrusted to take over the highly appreciated Mary Berry on The Great British Bake Off, and no matter the pressure after her infamous gaffe on Twitter revealing the show’s winner 6 hours prior to the grand finale, she is unlikely to give up.

The GBBO’s judge said she felt “awful” after the unfortunate incident when she accidentally congratulated Sophie Faldo on Twitter before the show was broadcast on Channel 4, saying it was “the most idiotic thing in the world”. In a now-deleted twit, Leigh wrote,

No one told me judging a #gbbo final would be so emotional. I wanted them all to win. Bravo Sophie.

Yet, there was a simple explanation behind this massive blunder, as the judge was in Bhutan and had had no internet connection for some time. When she turned on her phone, one of the messages said, “don’t forget to congratulate the winner after 10.30”, which she did, forgetting about the difference in time zones.


She immediately went into “a panic mode” and couldn’t even work out how to delete the message, so she contacted her PA, who said she’d already deleted it. The twit was there for only 89 seconds, but it was enough for many people to see it and retweet it. Leigh said,

I think that was one of the worst half an hour, that first half an hour when I realized what I had done.

But the gaffe didn’t seem to prevent the fans from watching the final, which pulled a massive 7,7 million viewers, making it the biggest performance of Channel 4 in 5 years!


Prue Leigh also said she was upset that her slip had diverted attention from Sophie, who had worked for months to achieve such a triumph. She seems very sorry for this genuine mistake and hopes the audience will be able to forgive her. Please, watch Sophie Faldo’s interview where she talks about her future plans and about how bad she feels for Prue Leigh’s Twitter gaffe.