Maksim Chmerkovskiy And Peta Murgatroyd: The Backstory Of Their Relationship And The Glamorous Wedding

December 18, 2017 16:41

Talk about a wedding made in Paradise, that would be Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd’s own. It had all the trappings of glamour, glitz, allure, and fabulosity about it.

The wedding of her dreams

From the unmistakable bliss radiated by the couple to the happiness beaming on the faces of the over 300 guests they had in attendance, down to the distinct and artistically put together floral decor, it was truly a magical moment.

The bride couldn’t get enough of her heavily bedecked and magnificent wedding dress. She enthused as much in a post she later put up on her social media page where she thanked her bridal wardrobe team @Karensabagofficial couture bridal salon for making her the lavish outfit.


Their backstory

Peta would later say about her beau:

I married my soul mate, my perfect man, the only man I could see myself growing old with. I will love you until the end.

Awww, such is the love shared between the duo.

Their love story isn’t your typical prince meets a damsel, he is enchanted by her presence while she swoons at his feet. Instead, the duo’s journey started off completely on a different note.


Speaking about it to PEOPLE, the royal and celebrity tabloid extraordinaire, Peta said Chmermoskiy came across to her as obnoxious when they first met.

Her now husband however quipped in saying that it must have been the overpowering effect he usually has on people when he walks into a room that must have fueled that thought. He further joked on saying; she must have been in love with me from the get-go but just wouldn’t admit it.


Both of them met on the set of “Burn the Floor.” Peta was turned off initially but a quick interaction with Chmermoskiy put paid to that thought. She discovered in him a caring man who truly had other people’s interest at heart.

The happy-ever ending

Though their relationship suffered a short set back after their first year of dating, the couple later reunited and ended up getting married. They already have a son together that they adore so much and he was in attendance at their wedding.

We wish the couple a beautiful life going forward as the raise their new family. You can this video of their lives and dance together below.