Prince Harry Frequently Puts His Right Hand In Jacket. Expert Explains The Reason

December 7, 2017

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have lately been the most popular couple on the planet. It tends to be that way when it concerns royal couples. If we add their upcoming wedding, it is pretty much understandable why Megan and Harry are under the spotlight.

Engagement announcement

As of November 27th, 2017, the young couple has been officially engaged. The royal family has already announced the date and venue for the marriage. With the expectations going high, it is going to be a day to remember.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry actually met on a blind date. It was love at first sight, and it is only fitting that it is crowned by a fairy-tale wedding ceremony.

Prince Harry's right hand in jacket

In several of the recently taken photos of Prince Harry, he seems to be holding his right hand in his jacket. The gesture is visible in his photos with Melania Trump as well as in the photos with the Belgian royal family. Furthermore, this can be seen in his latest engagement photos with his bride to be. 

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Body language expert Traci Brown in her interview with HELLO! tried to shed some light on the matter.

This is a habit that we see from Harry frequently that has its roots in protecting himself - putting a barrier between him and the photographers. Your solar plexus is a very sensitive area. He can still look royal while doing this move and give himself a little extra comfort at the same time. This is deeply unconscious and it's unlikely he'd admit to exactly why he's doing it!

We hope this nervousness is a result of camera shooting.

Cue the wedding bells

Royal weddings are always such a thrill. We can't wait to see the wedding gown of Meghan. Also, let's not forget about the handsome prince since he has a bigger choice than the ordinary groom.

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We wish all the best to the young couple and hope no one gets the jitters on the day of the wedding.

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