Angelina Jolie Attended The Movie Premiere Together With Her Beautiful Daughters, Shiloh And Zahara

Date December 27, 2017

Angelina Jolie had the cutest date during her recent red carpet appearance. The actress was accompanied by her wonderful daughters, Shiloh and Zahara, during The Breadwinner movie premiere in Los Angeles.


As usual, Jolie looked astonishing in her elegant white dress. Her daughters chose black outfits for the occasion. Shiloh was wearing a black suit, and Zahara preferred a long black dress. The trio looked very happy, Angelina smiled a lot. It was obvious that the star is really proud of her beautiful daughters.


Angelina Jolie is not typical celebrity mom. She really enjoys spending time with her children instead of visiting various public events. She knows the hobbies of her kids and always tries to share their interests. Jolie said that all her children are learning foreign languages, namely Khmai, Vietnamese, Arabic, French, and Russian.


It may seem strange, but the actress confessed that none of her kids wants to follow the parents’ footsteps in the acting career. For example, Zahara and Pax want to become musicians. Mad is interested in literature. Shiloh has brilliant skills in photography. Angelina follows the opinion that it’s up to the kids to choose their future occupation.

I suppose that just means you don't know who your children are until they show you who they are, and they are just becoming whoever they want to be.


Angelina Jolie is the worldwide famous public figure, talented actress, and just amazing and beautiful woman. But she says that her main role is being a good mom to her loving kids. It’s hard to disagree with her on that.

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Angelina Jolie