Antonio Banderas' Daughter Looks Like Her Famous Grandma Tippi Hedren

Date December 19, 2018 15:37

It is funny how unpredictable genetics may have a sense of humor of some sort. Kids who closely resemble one of their parents grow up and start to look more like someone else in the family. For example, Tippi Hedren’s granddaughter Stella, who is the daughter of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, looks like her famous grandmother now that she has grown up.

Tippi Hedren is well known for her iconic roles in many movies, such as The Birds and Marnie to name just a few.

Several generations of Tippi Hedren’s fans find her beauty and expressive eyes astonishing and her acting remarkable. This actress is truly stunning!

Her daughter Melanie Griffith also looked a lot like her famous mom when she was young.

Here is a photo of Tippi with Melanie and Melanie's elder daughter, Dakota Johnson.

In her early years, the actress Dakota Johnson was a look-alike of her mom Melanie as well.

Stella Banderas is Dakota's half-sister and the younger daughter of Melanie Griffith.

This is Stella and her father Antonio Banderas.

Stella more closely resembles her grandma than her parents.

Stella has the same facial features as her grandma and seems to have inherited Tippi Hedren's expressive eyes. In a few years she may look exactly like the young Tippi Hedren.

Stella is probably destined for stardom as well, but so far she has only appeared in several movies, back when she was a toddler.

Who knows, we may see that happening very soon, making her famous.

It is safe to say that good looks and acting talent run in this celebrity family.


There is no doubt that Hedren's granddaughter is already a gorgeous young lady.

Still, her career choice is not inevitable. Stella may have a different vision of what she wants to do in life. Anyway, the most important thing is to follow your own dream.