Fun Old-Style Riddle: Two Cats Are Hidden In The Picture

Date February 6, 2018

Many riddles may seem simple at the first glance. Yet, not everyone can solve them in so little time. But you can try! In the video below, a tiny piggy got lost among cute owls. Can you find it in only 20 seconds?


Done? Was it easy? Maybe you will try something harder and find another cunning animal who likes to play hide-and-seek?


As cunning as a cat

Yes, we are talking about cats, as it is in their blood to be quiet and sneaky. And often, they prefer to stay in the background or hide in many different places, ranging from the bottom of your laundry basket to the top of your wardrobe. Unless they are not hungry, they like not to do much and not to disturb anything, simply enjoying the life as it is.


As a testament to how stealthy our little furry friends can be, let’s play another interesting puzzle. This vintage illustration depicts a typical family of the late 19th century: a mother, a father, and a little girl who gathered in the living room in the evening. But there are also two pets hidden. Your task is to figure out where the two cats hide in this picture. Have you managed to find them?

As you can see, this task is harder than it may seem. If you are still wondering where the kittens are, we will give you a little hint. Just look below the mother’s hands and father’s legs.


Did the hint help you? If not, here is the answer!

Have you managed to find the cats without our hint? Congratulations then! You have truly great concentration and attention skills!


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