Biracial Couple Gave Birth To Twins, Each Baby Has A Different Skin Color

Date December 26, 2017

Hannah Yarker and her partner, Kyle Armstrong, were more than a little surprised after their twin girls were born with different skin colors.

While Hannah was pregnant, the couple's friends would often joke that because each of them belongs to a different race, they may end up having babies with different skin tones too. Of course, the possibility of that happening is quite low.


According to Dr. Jim Wilson, a population geneticist from the University of Edinburgh who spoke to BBC, a genetically mixed-race couple who are expecting twins would have about a one in 500 chance of having children with different skin colors.

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In this case, Kyle is mixed-race, while Hannah is white. After Anaya and Kyla were born, it turned out that the former inherited her mother's skin, while Kyla took her dad's one.

At first, the couple was not very sure that their babies had different skin colors because they were darker at birth.


However, two weeks after they were born, Myla's features, such as her dark skin, brown eyes, and dark hair, became more pronounced. Anaya was paler in comparison with fair hair and light eyes.

Speaking to Daily Mirror, Hannah explained that she often gets a lot of shocked looks after she tells people that her babies are actually twins. 

I can't walk down the aisle at the supermarket without getting stopped. People always comment: 'Are they both yours?', 'are they sisters', 'are they related'?

The twins do not just look different, Anaya and Myla also began to develop different personalities. According to Hannah, Myla is always more enthusiastic and ready to take risks, while Anaya is more laidback twin.

Fraternal (non-identical) twins, scientifically referred to as dizygotic twins, are formed when two separate eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm. There is also a higher rate of non-identical than identical twins.

It also turned out that in recent years, chances of having twins of different races increased mainly as a result of an increase in mixed race couples. So, it's safe to say that as time goes on, we will have more of such instances.

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