Blind And Deaf Elephant Cries Tears Of Joy While Being Rescued After 73 Years Of Abuse!


It is a pity, but even now animals often are victims of cruelty. For example, many elephants are put to work. Also, handlers used them as a tourist attraction. But some people are trying to help these animals. They want to put end to the abuse.

This 73-year-old elephant was lucky to be saved by these individuals.

Like other elephants, SookJai had to go through many years of mistreatment. She lost her eye because her owner used a bullhook to train her. SookJai has gone deaf too.

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But finally, she had a chance to escape. Thanks to the efforts of The Save Elephant Foundation, this elephant was freed. But it was a difficult challenge to move her to a new place. It took more than 20 hours to transport her into the elephant rescue area.

But now she can be simply an elephant; the animal is happy to take her first steps at liberty. After many years of a terrible life, she deserves the very best. The poor elephant is crying, and I am crying too.

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