8 Dead And Many More Wounded In Horrific China Subway Collapse


February 9, 2018 11:29 By Fabiosa

Tragedy struck Foshan in China’s southern Guangdong Province on Wednesday when a section of road collapsed. The incident has so far claimed the lives of 8 people. Three people were still unaccounted for as at the time of initial reports,

An area of road equal to the size of about two basketball courts caved in unexpectedly. The incident was a result of a collapsed subway tunnel. It was being constructed under the road at the time.

State-run network CCTV reports that the abscess was about 19.6 ft deep from the surface.

Apparently, water had been seeping from the surface into the area above the tunneling work. This gradually compromised the integrity of the area underneath the road. Eventually, it resulted in the collapse of the tunnel.

Pictures from the scene of the accident showed large pieces of the damaged road and muddy slush. Work is already underway to restore the damaged road as the diversion of traffic is already causing bottlenecks.

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Details of the accident

According to an official statement by the Foshan municipal government, the tragic incident occurred around 8:40 pm (11:40 pm AEDT). Thankfully, nine people were rescued from the scene. They are reported to be in stable condition and responding well to treatment.

For several years, the Chinese government has embarked on massive transportation projects. The subway line being built is only one of many. When completed, the line is expected to cover 14 miles, running through the city’s north all the way to Guangzhou, the provincial capital.

The rapid expansion of city transportation has resulted in several other cave-ins. Although laudable efforts have been made to ensure the safety of construction workers and commuters, much still remains undone.

Rescue efforts are ongoing

Rescue efforts to find the missing people are still underway. There is no certainty as to the chances of survival. Also, no word has been shared as to whether the remaining victims are construction workers or commuters.

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