Magnitude 6.4 Quake Strikes Eastern Taiwan, Causing Unbelievable Damage

Date February 7, 2018 17:29

Hualien, a Taiwan county that’s home to 350 thousand people, was struck by a disastrous earthquake on February 6. Even the country’s capital felt the temblor, while the affected region was rocked by 6.4 magnitude. Following the quake, Hualien experienced at least 15 aftershocks, which made buildings collapse and caused massive damage.

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Damages and victims

As the quake struck 13 miles, it is obvious that its damages are just unbelievable. At least seven people are killed, while almost 300 are injured. Apart from human victims, the hazard brought damage to numerous bridges and roads, making moving around the city difficult.

Current situation and rescue operations

Currently, firefighters and emergency workers are patrolling the streets, attempting to raise badly damaged buildings that have collapsed or tilted. Among them, there is a large residential complex, Yun Men Tsui Ti block, where dozens of people are still trapped.

In total, 31 foreigners were affected, while hundreds of locals were left homeless since their houses were destroyed. They are currently sheltered at one of the stadiums and provided with all the necessary supplies. Thousands of residents are still without water and power.

What is more, 600 military personnel and relief organizations help with the rescue effort, looking for the scores of people missing. Earlier, the president of the country took to Twitter to thank first responders for their assistance and informed that almost 150 people remained unaccounted for. Right now, this number dropped to 88 due to their tireless efforts.

We’re looking forward to new updates.

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