Bright Outfits Is Not Just The Whim Of Queen Elizabeth II. She Wears Them On Purpose And Only For The Benefit Of People

Date December 27, 2017 13:07

Have you ever wondered why Queen Elizabeth II always wears vibrant colors that are impossible not to notice? I don’t know much about fashion, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the reason. Trends change all the time, but the Queen’s outfits remain extravagantly bright. And since she’s the Queen, we can say that she can allow herself not to care about it.

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However, royalties nowadays have to consider public opinion, and people often feel free to criticize their choices and actions. So, obviously, the Queen wouldn’t ignore the people and wear such bold colors just to irritate them and show her indifference to fashion trends and public opinion.

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On the contrary, she does it for the people. Knowing there are crowds of those who want to see the Queen anywhere she goes, these vivid outfits guarantee that they will. This was shared by Sophie, Countess of Wessex, in the documentary film ‘The Queen at 90’.


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So, it turns out, this is not just some royal whim, but a sign of concern about the people and dedication to the role she has to play. And seems like she’s doing just fine, brightening everyone’s life with presence wherever she goes.


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