Melania Trump Wears A Sunny Yellow Outfit While Visiting Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Date February 12, 2018

Accompanying her husband to Cincinnati, the first lady decided to pay a visit to Cincinnati Children’s hospital. For this very occasion, Melania chose right outfit to bring some joy to the kids who deal with this terrible disease every day.


The visit

After a briefing on the importance of taking care of opioid-affected children, the first lady talked to the kids and their families. One little boy, Cole Baughman, who has been a patient of the clinic since the day he was born, shared his secret with Melania. He told the first lady that his father, mother, sister, and himself were going to visit the capital this summer.

When Melania heard this, she invited the boy and his family to the White House.

Make sure you come visit me when you come to D.C.”, said the first lady.

She was really interested in kids”, said Cole’s father, Nathan. “She got down at the kid’s level and was really talking to them.”

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Melania Trump went to the playground to spend some time with the kids and play with them. First, she took a little girl in her arms and talked to her, and then she approached the boys playing at the table and played a board game with them.

Melania's outfit

For this special occasion, the first lady wore a bright yellow polo neck top and a long matching coat to bring some fun and joy to the kids who live their lives fighting this terrible disease.

On October 26, 2017, President Donald Trump declared a national public emergency to fight the opioid crisis.

He said:

We can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic.


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