Puzzled Dog Couldn't Recognize His Slimmed-Down Owner, And His Reaction Was Absolutely Hilarious

Date August 22, 2018 17:55

It's no secret that dogs are a man's best friend: They're loyal, protective, and get beyond happy to see their owner after some time apart. It's incredible how, even after years, dogs can still recognize their owners and get excited to see them. Anyone owning a dog knows that they remember our faces and scents, which immediately prompts the reaction when a furry friend sees their owner. 

The following story is a very touching proof of a dog's ability to recognize its owner after long absence supported by the overwhelming joy of their reunion.

Unfortunate separation

Shane Godfrey found his best friend Willie as an abandoned pup near his porch. The pair instantly became inseparable, and Willie became like a son to his savior.

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One day, Shane was hospitalized with a severe case of flu, which escalated into more health issues.

Godfrey had to spend five weeks at the hospital without seeing Willie, which was difficult for both of them. Luckily, Shane got better and was free to go home. However, after such a long time at the hospital, he lost nearly 50 pounds and looked very different.

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Despite difficult times at the hospital, Shane was excited to get back to his buddy Willie and rushed home to see his best friend.

Puzzling reunion

Shane's family knew Willie would be over the moon to see his dad, so they decided to film this wonderful moment. During their reunion, however, one very unexpected thing happened, which made everyone laugh their hardest.

In the beginning of the video, we can see Willie rushing towards Shane. But as he gets closer, he can't recognize his owner due to the severe weight loss. Willie is barking at Shane, unable to understand where his dad has been. Only after Willie gets brave enough to sniff Godfrey, he is able to recognize his dad and goes mad with happiness.

Willie is all over his owner and looks seemingly relieved to see that no one has replaced his Shane with an imposter.

Once Godfrey returned home, Willie couldn't leave his sight. This is a true dog's love and everyone must experience it at least once in their lives.

Our furry friends know how much we love them, and they truly miss us. A relationship between a dog and its owner is difficult to describe, but everyone who's ever experienced it can tell you that it's absolutely wonderful.

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