Galloping Into Hearts: A Girl Went Viral After Surprising Seniors With A Majestic Horse At Their Nursing Home

Date August 30, 2018

Many therapists believe in the therapeutic power of horses. According to Psychology Today, caring for a horse can help reduce stress levels, and lowers blood pressure. Although they make positive influence on people, there are a lot of much smaller animals which are easier to use for the purposes of human-animal interaction.

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One girl, however, wasn't willing to compromise, and took a horse with her to a nursing home, simply because nothing can be compared to that majestic animal.

Surprise visitor

9-year-old Alexa Mayer became an interet sensation after she brought a horse to the Hickory Point Christian Village nursing home.

Arabian horse Reso was taken to see seniors as part of the ambassador project on behalf of Arabian Horse Association. This project was designed to promote youth relations with horses, as well as showcase its most outstanding breeds.

Alexa and Reso received a warm welcome at Hickory Point, but not every resident was able to come outside to meet the beautiful animal.

According to Alexa, she was willing to get Reso in the building, and, luckily, there was a good reason to do so:

The director came to me and said there was a gentleman inside who really wanted to meet him, and loved horses. And I said, ‘Well, Reso would walk into a black hole if you asked him to. Can we bring him inside?’

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Needless to say, the visit was an absolute success and gathered over 6 million views on Facebook just 6 weeks after being shared.

Alexa and her mother Krista were amazed at video's popularity, and are very happy to let people find out about Reso and its stunning breed.

Another horse visiting a nursing home

As previously mentioned, horse therapy is a real and effective thing, so Reso wasn't the only case of a horse interacting with seniors at a nursing home. Christadelphian Aged Care homes often conduct animal therapy with their seniors, and even welcomed a horse once to a delight of its residents.

It's great to see that many nursing homes use animals to make their residents' days a little bit brighter.

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