Say Cheese! Meet Meatball, The Sweetest Dog That Can't Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From A Shelter

Date November 14, 2018

There seems to be only one right answer to the question of where to get a dog, and it is to adopt. Shelters all over the country are full of good boys and girls in desperate need of love. It would be a crime to miss out on a truly special dog, and we have the best example.

Meatball the smiling dog

Meatball, or Meaty for short, is one of the most photogenic dogs you'll ever see.

But aside from love and care from his owners, Meatball also has a lot of brothers and sisters to keep him company. Before adopting him, Reilly already had 2 pit bulls, Punky and Ricardo Tubbs, as well as 2 dachshunds, Bitty and Dappe.

Meatball is a big sweety to everyone, but he loves Lisa the most, as she told The Dodo:

He's truly a mama's boy, though, and just wants to be next to me all the time. It's great to have though, as you really can't have a bad day when he's around. I'd dare anyone not to smile being near him.

Some believe that dogs smile because they see humans do it and understand that it means happiness. They smile it for us, and we're so happy they do.

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