No Dog Left Behind: Professor Let His Student Bring Her Adorable Dog To Class To Protect It From Hurricane

Date August 22, 2018

In 2017, Hurricane Irma was ravaging Georgia and made many people to evacuate promptly. Some even had to leave their houses so fast, they were even forgetting their own pets on the way to safety. One girl, however, stopped at nothing to care for her dog and wasn't going to leave her best friend behind.

Furry student

Once Jessica Lewis heard about Hurricane Irma approaching, she decided to take her dog Luna and drive to her family outside the state. Before Lewis could leave, she had one more class to attend, but she faced a dilemma: she had to take her dog to class, otherwise, she wouldn't have had enough time to drive back for Luna.

Not willing to skip the class or leave Luna behind, Jessica wrote a letter to the professor, begging him to let her dog in the classroom. Lewis promised Luna would behave and attached a few cute photos of her to help persuade the teacher.

To Jessica's pleasant surprise, the professor responded and was gladly willing to welcome Luna in his classroom. Lewis shared his response on her Facebook page: 

Did you think calling me ‘cool’ would get me to say yes. Because it won’t work. What will work is that she’s obviously a good girl so of course you can bring her.

Jessica's professor turned out to be a dog lover, so he was very happy to have adorable Luna attend his lecture. Everyone else in attendance was also swooning over her cuteness.

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Lewis told The Dodo that she was surprised at how well Luna fit in the classroom:

She was pretty well-behaved in class...The really funny part was that every time the professor stopped and asked if anyone had questions or comments, she whined loudly like she was responding. It was hilarious.

Although Luna was a bit distracting, no one minded her presence, especially when she seemed so interested and listened intently to everyone, who was talking.

It's safe to say that everyone loved having Luna around and she was happy to be there. In the end, Jessica and Luna were able to evacuate in time and learn something new!

Don't forget your pets

Unfortunately, many people tend to forget their pets amid the evacuation rush. Rescue crews try to notice and help out stranded animals, but they can't cover everyone.

Please work out the hurricane evacuation plans in advance and include making sure getting your pet to safety. 

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