Unusual Therapy: Two Adorable Mini-Pigs Visit Alzheimer's Patients To Make Them Feel Better

Date September 12, 2018 11:05

Animals are incredible creatures able to put a smile on people’s faces even when they do not actually have the right mood.

Two adorable mini pot-bellied pigs visit Alzheimer's patients once a week to make them feel better. You would be surprised but this unusual therapy actually works. Well, at least the patients confirmed that.


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‘Pigs’ therapy

Pigs are incredibly sensitive animals. They can feel humans’ mood like cats and dogs. If you feel sad, these adorable creatures can easily cheer you up, which make them perfect candidates for therapy animals.

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Patients from the nursing homes around Denver know this firsthand. Every weekend, they have two cute visitors, miniature pot-bellied pigs.


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Pumba and Boris visit patients with Alzheimer's at Highline Place in Littleton. These adorable mini-pigs enjoy the attention they get there. In their turn, they bring joy to the residents and fill their days with laughter.

According to Erin Brinkley-Burgardt, the owner of the facility, Pumba and Boris have a positive impact on the patients with Alzheimer.

Animals are pretty magical and it brings out a side of them you don't see in other activities. They go up to anyone holding a carrot. The residents won't always remember the pigs—so it's really like a new experience every week.


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Isn’t it great? We guess other medical facilities should apply a similar practice too.

Do pigs can actually heal?

Pigs have been recognized by patients with autism to help with vocalization and calming. Study shows that these adorable creatures can reduce anxiety and improve the symptoms of depression.

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Pigs are also known to detect low blood sugar in their owners.

Besides, these little cuties can easily improve your communication skills. Any pet owner knows that walking a mini-pig is a sure way to start conversations with other pet lovers. If you have troubles with finding new friends, it’s a great option to start charting to other people with no pressure.

Finally, pigs are truly adorable and able to make us smile. What else do we need?

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