What A Gracious Creature! Abandoned Dog Remains By Her Blanket While She Patiently Waits For Her Owners

Date February 15, 2019

There is a level of stress that people have to deal with when it comes to moving to a new place. How much stressful is it for pet?

Moving has more negative effects on animals becasue they get stressed out when they are introduced to a new environment. Luckily, there are some helpful tips that can calm make things easier for your pet.

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What A Gracious Creature! Abandoned Dog Remains By Her Blanket While She Patiently Waits For Her OwnersLeventeGyori /

  • Firstly, you should get your pet's health records from your vet before moving.
  • Some animals prefer to be in quiet places during times like this. If your pet is one of those, then you should clear the most silent room and keep it there.
  • Seeing as you are moving your pet to a strange place, it is advisable to keep familiar things, like toys and blanckets, around.

What A Gracious Creature! Abandoned Dog Remains By Her Blanket While She Patiently Waits For Her Ownersdezy /

Dogs are known to be extremely sentimental and show possessiveness towards their belongings, which includes their owner, toys, home and blankets. Which is why Camilla sticks to her only possession, a blanket, even after her family abandoned her.

Cruel family abandons Camilla

The New Year is a holiday season meant to be spent with family, but that wasn't the case for Camilla. Marina Tarashevska, the co-founder of Dallas DogRRR, discovered the dog during a walk. Camilla had been abandoned by her family on New Year's Eve.

Patti Dawson, the executive director of Dallas Dog RRR, told The Dodo:

“I think she was still thinking her family would come back. She was in that stage of, ‘I’ll just wait here. This is familiar.’”

Camilla ignored Tarashevska’s attempts to get the dog to follow her, but Tarashevska cleverly used the blanket to lure her.

When she noticed that, no matter how far Camilla ran away from her when she tried to get hold of her, the dog always came back to the blanket. Tarashevska then moved the blanket a bit further every time Camilla ran away till they successfully made it to her backyard.

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The poor dog was taken to the vet and got treatment for the wounds on her neck and ear. Camilla is now enjoying all the love she never got from her previous owner.

She's learning to trust in her new family at her foster home.

Dog lovers show sympathy over Camilla's maltreatment online

Many internet users feel sorry for the abandoned dog and have dropped their comments about the situation.

We are glad that Camilla has found the love she deserves. However, pet owners should not leave their pets behind when moving. There are a lot of options that are preferable to abandonment. Don’t let these poor creatures loose faith in humanity.

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