Golden Retriever Refuses To Take His Bath Anywhere But In The Kitchen Sink, And The Internet Finds Him Adorable

Date February 18, 2019 13:51

Dogs are awesome and intelligent and, like humans, different dogs have unique preferences that set them apart. They know what they like to eat, where they like to play and sleep, and even where they love to take a bath. 

A golden retriever named Franklin loves to spend his days playing. This is understandable and very much encouraged, but the challenge is getting him to take a bath. 


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While the golden retriever loves spending time in the mud and dirt, he did not always use to be a big fan of getting in the bathtub to clean up. So this meant his mom, Anam Rahman, constantly had to chase him when it was time for a bath.

As a busy attorney, Anam did not always have the time to chase Franklin around during bath time. And since the dog wouldn't go willingly, a compromise had to be made. Luckily, the dog owner stumbled on a solution.


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She told The Dodo that one day, when she didn't have the time to deal with the ordeal of getting Franklin in the tub, she decided to use something close by: The kitchen sink. 

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She could not spare much time for a full bath so she quickly cleaned up the dog's paws and underbelly in the sink. And as it turned out, Franklin absolutely enjoyed being washed there.


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As time went by, the dog became too big for the confined space, but this did not dampen Franklin's love for the little tub. Anam said:

He loves it, he’s generally super chill and happy in the kitchen, it’s a much more open space and it’s just better for everyone involved.

In fact, whenever he knows it's bath time, Franklin, who did not always like to be carried, happily hops onto his mom's arms to be plopped down in the metal basin.


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Anam said her dog was always at ease in the sink, and the whole thing was just so cute that Anam could not resist sharing a picture of the dog chilling in his favorite bath-place. And the internet absolutely loved it.

Franklin sure is a special dog and he knows exactly what he wants. We doubt he will be giving up his kitchen bath anytime soon. As long as he's clean though, we bet Anam doesn't mind.

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