'They Were Great Humans': Dog Owner Pens Heartwarming Letter To The Flight Attendants Who Saved Her Pet's Life

Date February 12, 2019 15:47

You have probably come across several stories of dogs who save lives but as it turns out, sometimes, it's these pups that need saving. And it's a good thing that two amazing flight attendants were there for this French bulldog

A dog owner named Michele Burt wrote a letter to JetBlue to commend their flight attendants Renaud Spencer and Diane Asher. 

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In the letter, which was reposted on Facebook, Michele talked about how Spencer and Asher helped her three-year-old dog Darcy.

Michele said that she was on a flight from Florida to Massachusetts when she noticed something was up with her dog, as Darcy was not responding to commands.

Upon closer inspection, Michele noticed that her dog's tongue was blue and she realized that this meant Darcy was not getting enough oxygen. Immediately, she pulled the dog out from under her seat and placed Darcy on her lap in hopes of cooling her down.

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This was not helping as Darcy kept on breathing heavily and was visibly panicking. Spencer and Asher immediately recognized that the dog needed help so they arrived at Michele's seat carrying bags of ice.

When that didn't work, Spencer decided to put an oxygen mask on Darcy and the dog immediately felt better. Michele wrote:

Within a few minutes she became alert and after a short time, she didn't want the mask ... I believe [Spencer] and [Asher] saved a life.

The dog owner was very grateful to the attendants who didn't consider a dog's life any less worthy of being saved than that of a human. They simply saw an airplane passenger in trouble and did all they could to help her.

Michele confirmed that her dog made a full recovery after receiving oxygen and appreciated Spencer and Asher for "being great humans."

We have a feeling that, if Darcy could speak, she would express her appreciation to these kind people as well. 

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